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Making church candles for Christian worship since 1947

San Jose Candle Company (877 984-1729) was established in 1947. Currently owned and operated by  Elias Union and family. In 1998 the factory was moved from its original location in San Jose to the Sierra Foothills.  We specialize in church candles and supplies for the Orthodox Church. We make our beeswax tapers from 100% beeswax right from the beekeeper.  Orthodox beeswax candles have a light golden brown color, no bleaching or coloring and are all natural. Our pure beeswax candles are hand dipped and carefully sorted and packed to provide you the highest quality beeswax candles.  We also supply church vigil lights, our vigil lights come in both  plastic and glass.  We recommend plastic to keep shipping to a minimum. San Jose Candle also supplies church devotional candles, church alter candles, tall church candles, orthodox baptismal candles and wedding candles. 
 Price increase this year is primarily caused by inflation and  is approximately 5.3%.   I am doing everything to keep the price under control, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.  Elias

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Beeswax Candles Processional Candles & Safety Cups

Incense and Charcoal 6 Day Vigil Light (Glass)

Molded Paraffin Candles Paraffin Tappers


Portable Analogian (temporarily out of stock) 5 & 7 Day Vigil Candles (Unbreakable Plastic)


Christmas & Specialty Candles



                                                                                                New Products

                                                          Refillable butane lighter that rotates for easy candle lighting. Item 3010

                                                                          Light Candles with a refillable butane lighter and they are childproof.


Refillable Butane Lighters
Item Code Description Price
3010 Candle Lighter $3.00




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