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Prayer Candles for Orthodox Christians
Hand Dipped 100% Pure Beeswax Candles

Our Bees Wax Candles are priced by the candle in order to provide you with a consistent pricing method. When candles are dipped by hand there tends to be variation in diameter which will change the weight of a box of candles. If pricing is by weight then the price of the candle would never be the same. Box weight can vary by as much as 2 to 3 lbs per box. The average weight of a box is 20 lbs.  All of our beeswax candles are made from 100% pure beeswax and cotton wicks. They never contain petroleum-based paraffin wax or lead wicks!
Pure 100% Beeswax Candles


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100% Beeswax Tapers

Item Code Size Candles
2039 1/4"x10" 1000 $338.07*
2031 5/16"x10" 800 $321.46*
2023 3/8"x10" 600 $308.36*
2042 1/4"x12" 800 $338.07**
2024 1/2"x12" 300 $308.36*
2030 3/4"x12" 150 $308.36*
2043 15/32"x10" 528 $308.36
2041 0.4"x 61/4" 900 $324.90
2021 3/8" X 10" 100 $  68.00
2046 7/8"x12" 110 $324.90

                                                               *Stocked item  ** Changed from 1000 ct to 800ct


We also carry pure beeswax votives for pricing and more information click here.  For Christmas and beeswax gift candles click here.

Beeswax is a sweet, simple renewable fuel that burns long and bright. It is non-toxic and hypo allergenic. Beeswax has the highest melting point of any other candle wax and thus provides approximately 40% longer burn times.  Our tapers are classic candles dipped into pure molten beeswax at just the right temperature by a steady hand and a keen eye. They can be dipped and cooled over twenty times before a pair can be cut free from the rack. When finished and hung, they carry the rich scent of honey and seem to hold light in their bellies. Kept out of drafts and away from fans these tapers will burn virtually drip less.

Some facts about beeswax; wax is made by virgin bees

  • Beeswax is made by virgin bees

  • It's non-toxic and non-allergenic

  • It burns 40% longer than paraffin wax

  • It gives off more light--represents your light in Christ

  • It burns dripless with a golden halo, while releasing a natural
    aroma-therapeutic essence

  • While paraffin smokes up the church, blackening the walls, frescos
    (wall paintings), and icons, beeswax candles do not

  • It is proven to be beneficial for people who have allergies,
    environmental sensitivities, or just to much stress in their lives

  • It is the only fuel to emit balanced negative ions while burning





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